If this family chooses to believe that God had a hand in this, and it gives them comfort, let it be. If those of you who don’t believe think Aaron was found just out of pure luck, and that gives you comfort, we will let you be.
No one – not even Christians – understand, how, why, when something will happen/happens. Faith gives many of us comfort and peace in times of happiness, as well as in times of great sorrow. Why do agnostics, atheists, etc., always try to make fun, ridicule and belittle those with faith and who choose to worship God? We all will answer for our choices in life one day, or so some of us believe. Live you life the way you choose – I (as a believer) will live mine. I wish you well – hope you do the same for me.
Oh, Yahoo – it’s “adrift” not “a drift”. Let’s get some decent writers on the payroll, please. Or, a better proofreader. And, when Heard (grandmother) “heard” about her son…..really???? How about “when Heard discovered or found out” Wow.